Bexley En-Suite Installation

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Please see the pictures below of a recently completed bathroom/shower room installation in Bexley. It wasn’t completely plain sailing as after the walls had been stripped bare, it was evident the old shower had leaked and caused some damage to the walls and floor. Thankfully the customer understood there would be some additional work involved and we think you’ll agree, the end result was great.

The customer commented;

“Bathroom looks fantastic, thanks Jon. If you need to show any future customers around, just let me know “. Ms Smith, Bexley DA5.

The shower cubicle and most of the fittings were purchased through EASTBROOOKS, taps and shower via PLUMBASE (Bristan) and the vanity unit was via the plumb centre. Please note the vanity unit still has the plastic film on the doors for protection while the works were progressing and the picture taken. The addition of the extractor fan meant that there were some additional electrical works but having no window in the room meant that it was a must have. Tiles were supplied from Topps tiles clearance centre in Sevenoaks way, Orpington. Fortunately the walls were relatively straight and true so no additional work was needed to level them before tiling. The layout remained the same although the customer asked for all the existing spot lights in the ceiling to be removed because she was “fed up with having to replace them when the bulbs blew”. It would have been less work to replace them with an LED equivalent which is much more energy efficient, give out less heat and hence have a much longer life span but the customer decided against this option. Perhaps the style of the spot light has had its day. I know not everyone is keen on them and perhaps they are a little old fashioned but if the ceiling height is limited or it’s just a small room, I think they are great for giving an illusion of extra space in the ceiling, especially when compared to pendant lights.

The shower door was an easy clean version and has a special coating meaning that water marks are less prevalent. Along with a ceramic tiled floor and floor to ceiling wall tiles, the bathroom will be very low maintenance. Due to the property being built on an old flood plain, coupled with a dipped location and the shower being located on the ground floor, we thought it wise to fit a non-return valve to the main 40mm exit waste pipe. We do not usually include painting and decorating in our estimates but seeing as it was only the ceiling that needed painting we did. The door was a mahogany wood stain which was quite dusty after we finished. However, a quick spray of WD40 brought a lovely quality finish to a job well done.

All that was left to do was add some finishing touches, like a free standing loo roll holder and mirror that the customer purchased after completion. If you are considering a bathroom installation in Bexley please get in contact with me Jonathan on 07910 77737 or via the contact us button on our website. Please feel free to view the rest of our site.