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Our London painters and decorators are as used to working in a residential house in Chelsea as they are in a large office in Westminster. From Wall papering, to special effects paints and finishes they can cover your requirement. Although they help out our London bathroom installation team for some larger projects they are delighted to perform the small painting jobs too.

We appreciate that after the tillers, plasterers, plumbers and electricians are finished, then providing the paint-colour and texture is fitting, then the likely desired result will, more often than not, be achieved.

Our painters are keen to please and know all the best techniques and companies throughout the UK to ensure the highest of standards are adhered to. They can accommodate requests for a quick coat of paint right through to lining wallpaper and re-plastering the walls before applying their trade.

We always try to select paints with low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) to help minimise our impact on the environment and urge customers to do the same when selecting products.

Like our other works, we pride ourselves in the standard of our work and the preparation before painting is similar in its consistency and depth in making a kitchen plan, perhaps even more so, so please rest assured our commitment to the highest finish when painting and decorating.

So, if you have an awkward stair well in a terrace house in Fulham or a complete redecoration in Blackheath then please don’t hesitate in clicking HERE for a free quote.