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Our proprietor has a 2:1 BSc Open Degree from the Open University which largely consisted of energy and designing for a sustainable future. In conjunction with his general handyman skills he now helps to install this newly learnt ethos in as practical way as possible in our work. He believes there is a great future for London in embracing renewable energy and tries to get the basic simple steps we can take incorporated and reflected in the work we do. From simple draught insulation to wood burning stove installation, there are some readily available processes and products that we can utilise now. Even solar thermal panels can have a “eye brow raising” payback ratio in certain homes and although other aspects of renewable energy are perhaps not quite yet ready to be fully exploited, there remains basic simple steps we can take to getting us pointed in the right direction.

We have installed draught insulation, loft insulation, wood burning stoves and other small steps in trying to improve our carbon foot print. We are also working in other aspects of renewable energy which we hope to announce in the near future.

We now have trained solar panel and solar thermal employees, please contact us for further details.